The Market For Self-Improvement Products and Services

                                                     (June 1999 - 3rd Edition)

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Table of Contents



Introduction:  Study Scope  & Methodology     

* Explanation of where the information came from: “primary” & “secondary” sources:

   methodology, definition of the self-improvement market, scope of the research        1-3       


Nature and Structure of The Market

* What defines “self-improvement” services & programs, topic areas covered (services

    that improve people physically, mentally, spiritually, financially),  self-help organizations,

    discussions of two major market segments—weight loss & stress management, buyer

    demographics - profile of typical self-improvement customer, increased use of alternative

    medicine and self-care                                                                                                                 4-9


Executive Overview of Major Findings      ($200)                                                                    10-43

* Highlights of all chapters--Discussion of market nature, major developments of past 2

    years, customer demographics

* Market Size & Growth, Segments: Table & Discussion of total market size, growth, outlook

     (1993, 1996, 1998, 2003F), estd. $ size of major segments BY DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL:

     Infomercials, Mail order catalogs, Motivational speaker seminars, Holistic institutes, Self-

     improvement books & audiocassettes. Status of weight loss and stress mgmt. programs


* Market size (1998 $ value, share of mkt.), BY 5 MAIN TOPIC AREAS  (weight loss, general

     motivational/spiritual/self-help, stress mgmt., exercise, business skills/financial)

* Individual Market Segment Outlooks: discussion of mkt. size/growth/characteristics/trends for:

     1. infomercials (1998 estim. sales by topic, qtrly. media billings, top 10 shows list), 2. Moti-

     vational speakers mkt. (Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins, Peter Lowe, Zig Ziglar, Marianne

     Williamson, Deepak Chopra), 3. holistic centers/institutes mkt., 4. self-improvement books

     mkt. (new age vs. traditional stores), 5. audiotapes mkt., 6. mail order catalog publishers.

* Status report of the U.S. Weight Loss Industry  ($ size 1997, 1998, 2003F, by 8 mkt. segments,

     trends, dieter demographics, what’s hot/cold, etc.)              

* Overview of the Stress Management Programs/Services Market  ($ size, segments, trends,

    results of custom Marketdata 1996 mail survey of providers).                                                                   


The Direct Response Market: Infomercials    ($250)                                                                44-84

* Discussion & analysis of infomercials as a sales/advertising medium, reasons for growth in

     popularity and doubling since 1996, emerging trends, mkt. size, 1998 status report, media

     billings,  list of top 10 grossing self-improve. shows in 1996, 1997, 1998, top 100,  list of top

     infomercial producers                                                                                                 

* Demographic profile of infomercial buyers from: Simmons, NIMA, Hudson Street Partners,

    TV Guide studies (by sex, education, income, profession, region, etc.)                                      52



The Direct Response Market: Infomercials  (continued)                                                       Page


* Industry trends, estim. $ mkt. size 1992, 1996, 1998, by major categories (exercise, diet

     plans, business/financial, general motivational)                                                                               55 

* List of top infomercial producer companies, address       

* List of  20 leading infomercials of past 5 years (producer, $ sales, etc.)                                        57                                        

* Descriptions of 27 infomercials (1994-99)  (product/service advertised, price/ordering

    details, phone/address, producer), analysis of The Infomercial Index on the Internet.

    Separate show descriptions for…


1998-1999…      (p. 60-66)


* Carlton Sheets (real estate)   * Trash Into Treasure (Tony Hyman)   * Escape Your Shape

* Slim Patch (diet plan)            * The Fat Trapper (diet plan)     * Ab Rocker (exercise)

* Move, Groove & Lose (diet plan - Richard Simmons)  * Bowflex (exercise)


1996-1997…      (p. 66-74)


* Mega Math Program   * Metabolic Trim (diet)  * Fitness Flyer (exercise)

* Aerofit Machine  (exercise)  * Light Your Fire (Ellen Kreidman - relationships)

* Ab Shaper System  (exercise)  * Ab Roller  (exercise)    * Passion, Profit & Power

 - List of 12 other shows - summary descriptions


1994 and earlier…            (p. 74-84)                                                                                                   


* Stop The Insanity (diet - Susan Powter)    * Deal-A-Meal (diet - Richard Simmons)                                                     

* Kathy Smith’s “Walk Fit” (exercise)      * Natural Trim (diet)     * Cross Trainer  (exercise)                                         

* Mega-Memory (Kevin Trudeau)      *  Dr. Atkins’ “Eat Yourself Thin”, diet

* Making Love Work (relationships - Barbara DeAngelis)    * Mini-Max  (exercise)

* Gravity Edge  (exercise)   *  Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centres  (diet) 



* Historical gross sales generated by infomercials (1988-95, NIMA)                                               

* TV Guide Readership Study                                                                                                  

The Motivational Speakers Market   ($175)                                                                          85-108

* Discussion of  no. of professional speakers in the US, avg. earnings, estim. income for top 7

     for speaking engagements alone, list of top speakers’ bureaus, profile of Wyncom Inc.

     (speaker promotion company)                                                                                                     85

* In-depth profiles of celebrities on the national “speakers’ circuit”: descriptions of their

    organizations, revenue estimates/actual, type products/services offered, book & cassette sales,  

    speaking fees, consulting, 1998 & 1996 estd. revenues, strategies, headquarters address, for...


     * Franklin Covey Co.  (Stephen Covey & Franklin Quest Co.)                 87           

     * Anthony Robbins - Robbins Research International                             91                               

     * Peter Lowe Intl.                                                                                             96





     * Zig Ziglar - Ziglar Training Systems                                                            97                               

     * Marianne Williamson                                                                              100                 

     * Deepak Chopra                                                                                   103     


* Brief summaries of other speakers: Keith Harrell, Tony Buzan, Dr. Wayne Dyer, etc.                                                                    


Holistic Institutes & Training Organizations  ($150)                                                109-123

(Self-improvement workshops, seminars, courses, retreats, training organizations)


* Discussion of overall market status, recent closures/mergers, and 14  U.S. centers’ philosophies,  course offerings and avg. prices, enrollments, growth since 1960s, nonprofit/for-profit status,  specializations, estd. 1998 revenues/budgets, 2003 forecast, workshop topics in hot demand                   

* Address List of top 14 centers in the U.S., directors’ names.

* Descriptive profiles and background, sample course offerings for some of leading facilities:

     Omega Institute, Interface, Esalen Institute, New York Open Center, Oasis Center, Naropa,

     Gail Blanke Lifedesigns Workshops (formerly AVON)                         

* Dale Carnegie & Associates, Toastmasters International                                                                            

Self-Improvement Books and New Age Bookstores   ($175)                                    124-145

* Status of book buying in 1998, $ sales by major category (Publishers Weekly annual report),

    share by type retail outlet, list of top selling self-improve. books (units sold, $, for diet, other),

    effect of alternative healthcare movement, bestseller minority new age author.                124-30

* Summary of  “new age” bookstores: chains vs. independents, how many in the nation,

    products sold, growth, customers, specialties. estd. sales, share of sales by major topics       130

* Marketdata and Simba estimates of  1998 sales of self-improve. books, by topic                              131

* List of top self-improve. books sold in 1995, 1993, no. of copies/mkt. $ value, by author      132

* Discussion/analysis of the diet books market, buyer demographics, what makes a bestseller,

     1996 mkt. value, list of  best-selling diet books since mid-1980s                                                  134

* Discussion/analysis of the stress management books, booklets, newsletter market: major

     publishers, $ mkt. potential, no. of titles published annually (1980-1996), sample list of

     1996 stress mgmt. book titles                                                                                               140                                                                 

The Self-Improvement Audiocassettes Market   ($100)                                                146-155

* Market status and potential (1993, 1998, 2003 forecasts), reasons for recent strong growth,   

     buyer demographics, popularity rank for 14 topics, where tapes are purchased, segments,

     total audiobook sales vs. share for SI tapes, major competitors, the diet & exercise cassettes

     mkt. segment

* Leading publishers address list (address, phone, key titles published):  Harper Audio, Simon &

     Schuster, New Star, Nightingale-Conant, Random House, TIME Warner, etc.)                                                                   

* Company profile: Nightingale-Conant Corp.                                                                                                      

* Research studies - do subliminal audiotapes really work?                                                                   







The Mail Order Catalog Market    ($100)                                                                          156-64

Catalog Publishers Selling Self-Improvement Products (books, tapes, CDs, multi-media packages, devices)


* Market structure/nature, major trends, consolidation of past 2 yrs., list of 7 leading competitors,

    estim. mkt. size for 1998, 2003F,

* Detailed descriptions, buyer trends, profiles and specializations, sample programs/prices for:

     ARE Bookstore, Learning Strategies,  Gateways Fulfillment, Tools For Exploration, Alpha-

     sonics, prior Sybervision Systems.


Status Report of The U.S. Weight Loss Market    ($175)                                                165-204


* Summary/status of the industry as of 1998, recent trends, what hot/cold, top 10 companies

     by sales, results of 1998 survey of Calorie Control Council-use of low fat foods/drinks, the

     non-diet movement                                

* Discussion of major industry trends, dieter demographics (how Americans diet, various survey

     findings), the anti-diet movement

* Analysis of Commercial Weight Loss Chains as of 1998 - 8 major trends/issues discussed

Table: Marketdata estimates of the 8 major segments of the diet industry, $ values (1997, 1998,

    2003F) - (diet soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, health clubs, commercial programs, medical

    programs, low-cal foods, retail meal replacements and diet pills, diet books, etc.)    

Tables:  No. of commercial diet centers (1991, 1996, 1998), market share of top 10 chains

* Detailed status reports for: Weight Watchers, Diet Workshop, Jenny Craig, Nutri/System,

    Complete Wellness, Physicians Weight Loss

* Franchising of commercial diet centers, royalties, investment required, etc.   

* Medically supervised weight loss programs: no. and type of by: hospital, physicians in

     private offices, dietitians, estim. no. of Americans using, costs, (total medical programs $

     value for 1998, 2003F), emergence of prescription medications mkt. (reasons for demise),

     fasting programs, major vendors, enrollments, etc.

* Outlook for meal replacements and appetite suppressants (1981-2003F)

* Low-calorie “diet” food mkt. (nature, brands, sales)

* Diet soft drinks mkt. (discussion and sales for 1991-2003F)                      

* Mail order & multi-level diet programs: $ value, major competitors rank for 1997 (Herbalife,

     Shaklee, Nu-Skin Intl. others, infomercials)                                                  


Overview of The Stress Management Market  ($150)                                               205-224             


* Summary: societal stress levels, the major types of stress disorders, list of types of professionals

    and organizations providing stress mgmt. services, emerging trends, treatment methods, mkt.

    structures & characteristics                                                                                                           

* Discussion/analysis of major provider groups: (no. of practitioners, mkt. potential, prices)

    - Biofeedback therapists and centers

    - Massage therapists & retail clinics

    - Worksite-based programs




    - Hospital-based programs

    - Health club-based programs

    - Programs offered via seminars and workshops

* The mail order & retail products mkt. (books, biofeedback cards, videos, infomercials)                         

* The market for stress mgmt. books & audiocassettes                                                                      

* List (name/address/phone) of leading organizations & competitors in stress mgmt.

* Total value of market in 1995, by type provider group - Marketdata estimates                                           

* Results of Marketdata custom July 1996 mail survey of stress mgmt. providers: stress-

     related disorders treated most often, treatment methods used, type providers offering

     services most often in the community, avg. caseload/patients, avg. cost of treatment,

     most crucial issues facing providers, methods used to advertise                                                   


Reference Directory of Market Information Sources   ($50)

* (Names, addresses, phone, key contacts at relevant trade groups, journals, periodicals in the

     field)                                                                                                                                        225